ACTIS’ Hybrid LABC certifications are renewed
ACTIS has just received confirmation that its LABC Registered Details certification has been renewed for all three products in the mix and match Hybrid range.

This means they can continue to be accepted by all LABC building control surveyors in more than 300 local authorities across England and Wales when used according to the certification.

The CE marked system, which is also NHBC approved, was designed so that builders could use just one of the three products - a honeycomb style insulation available in a variety of thicknesses, a breather membrane and a vapour control layer – or could combine it either with one or two of the others or mix it with a product made by another insulation manufacturer.

And in fact the majority of customers use either two or all three of the products in combination - mainly the insulation, Hybris with the breather membrane Boost’ R Hybrid or Hybris with the vapour control layer HControl Hybrid. Not all constructions, such as refurbishments, are suitable for all three products but the use of the entire Hybrid system is perfect for new builds.

The system is enjoying growing popularity among timber frame manufacturers, modular building firms and companies specialising in replacement conservatory roof systems.

A former LABC officer who conducted his own DIY experiment to test out the thermal efficiency and ease of use of the system, now recommends it to his customers.

Energy assessor Ray Parker, who worked for Warrington District Council for 40 years, says the system is quick and easy to use, mess free, produces minimal waste, helps avoid repeating and non-repeating thermal bridging and achieves excellent U-values.

“Where possible now we’ll recommend ACTIS because it’s easier to use and LABC approved and we can say that with confidence. It has a lot of advantages – it’s just a case of letting the builders know about them,’ he said.

ACTIS Hybrid certificates on LABC's website

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