Congratulations to the ACTIS UK team who battled through mud, sweat and tears for charity
ACTIS team have surpassed themselves by braving the mud during the South West edition of Tough Mudder, currently one of the most famous mud races in the UK.

Squelching through mud and tough obstacles was behind the fabulous and unforgettable team experience, an occasion to raise awareness of Aplastic Aneamia.
Aplastic Anemia is when the blood unexpectedly starts attacking and killing the persons bone marrow. The team were inspired to raise money for this charity to support Mark Cooper’s friend Glen who suffer from this savage disease.
With only 38 years of age Glen was diagnosed with this condition and for 8 months he had to attend his local hospital 3 times a week to be pumped full of blood which took 6 hours each day. He was rushed to hospital 4 times during this period with infections and complications as he had no immune system to fight anything.
At the time of signing up for the event Glen had been in an isolation room for eight weeks, during which he had received chemo and a bone marrow transplant. Within a week he saw an increase in blood counts for the first time since diagnosis.
Every year just 1 in 1.1 million people are diagnosed with this rare disease so this charity who raise funds to research this illness gets very little publicity.

“We are just a bunch of normal people, so Yes Tough Mudder has been really tough, but with each other’s help we achieved the extraordinary in order to help others who have do the same, just to survive” said Mark after the race.

More than £600 has been raised so far by ACTIS’ runners.

Interested in joining the cause?

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