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"“They are great quality products and make insulating so much faster and cleaner.”" Dave Bennett – Cornish church conversion

"“The structure of the roof was such that unless you use a thin, highly thermally efficient, flexible product like Actis there is not enough void space. We wanted to expose the beams which meant PIR and fibreglass were out of the question. Actis comes" Peter Knott, director, Ardenvale – The Barns, henhouse conversion to cottages, Warwickshire

"“Laying Boost R Hybrid was significantly quicker than cutting rigid foil board to fit in between the rafters. Another bonus was it was easy to cut and less messy.”" Sean Lorains, AS Roofing – Danby Castle, 13th century grade 1 listed hunting lodge, Yorkshire

"“We selected Actis Boost R Hybrid as it’s a breather membrane which is combined with an excellent thermal performance.” “Its suitability to all BS5534 wind zones meant work could take place regardless of the weather conditions.” " Mark Purvis, Burton Roofing Merchants – Danby Castle, 13th century grade 1 listed hunting lodge, Yorkshire

"“The Hybrid system saves time, is easy to use and handle, the cost is comparable to our other alternatives and there’s no wastage". " Paul Thompson, Moduloft buyer

"Boost R Hybrid is proving popular for three key reasons – its thermal efficiency, its cost effectiveness – largely due to reduced labour costs – and the fact that it can be installed without any need to disturb the rooms below – a key consideration w" Sean from A S Roofing Specialists

"The insulation is phenomenal. It’s by far and away superior to anything I’ve ever used." Isle of Wight builder Phil Clabburn

"This is so much easier, quicker and more comfortable to work with than any other type of insulation." Lincoln builder Brian Goodwin

"The ease of installing the products meant my labour was reduced by around 25% compared to installing traditional insulation materials." Canterbury builder Simon Day

"We found out it was better than other insulation and reasonably priced. Labour time was cheaper too." Cornwall builder Paul Isherwood

"We are excited by the vast improvements to our heating bills." Chris Carpenter, MD of Cardiff company Stills, whose clients include Ofcom, Boss Design and Tata Steel

"I have no doubt that this type of insulation is the way forward, it is so much easier to install. I am sure the number of new builds using this type of insulation will increase rapidly based on its performance and ease of use." Lincoln builder Brian Goodwin

"The material costs were approximately three quarters of what I would have spent if I’d used traditional insulation materials to achieve the same thermal performance." Canterbury builder Simon Day

"Air tightness is crucial. Actis expands itself into a void and the ' blanket' layer is belt and braces. It was also easy to cut, with no mess and no waste." Isle of Wight builder Phil Clabburn

"I was stunned at just how quickly the property warms up and how well the heat was retained." Canterbury builder Simon Day

"It’s a lot quicker with Actis." Cornwall builder Paul Isherwood

"ere are no fibres and no dust is created when you cut it, which means I didn't need a respiratory mask or any special clothes – I was almost as clean when I got home as when I started the job." Canterbury builder Simon Day

"Where possible now we’ll recommend Actis because it’s easier to use and LABC approved and we can say that with confidence." Ray Parker, former LABC

"Actis Hybrid has lots of positives. It’s good for U-values, is very light, environmentally excellent and doesn’t take up much room. It’s very easy to work with, makes no mess and you can cut it with a normal saw. Using this has cut our insulation ins" Nick Clegg, Pod Living

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